On Demand Flights

We live in a world where time is money. Thus having the ability to transport people, cargo and/or animals at a moment’s notice is Sierra West Airlines specialty.

Just how on demand are our flights? We strive to be wheels up within an hour, after the time you say, “Go!”


No job is too big, no cargo is too small!

Sierra West’s highly trained dispatch team will assist in finding the right aircraft for your job.

Are you looking for speed or the best price…or both? Sierra West will help determine if the freight will fit, how quickly we can get it to its destination, and, of course, offer you the most bang for your buck!


It’s in the details!

Sierra West will ensure the details are covered so those traveling “private” have the best experience possible.

What details, I just need to get to a meeting?

We can arrange ground transportation to a corporate meeting, fresh flowers and champagne to make the weekend getaway just perfect, catering, kids coloring books, or just about anything you can think of. Sierra West is at your service!


Sierra West provides medical transportation for patients who are medically stable, but still need to fly urgently. We also provide transportation for organs, medical devices, and/or fluids.

Dedication to speed and efficiency allow Sierra West to successfully complete these urgent flights.


As citizens of our community at large, we partner with rescue organizations transporting dogs and cats from overpopulated or kill shelters to their forever home or to no-kill shelters.

Do pigs fly? Absolutely! Not only have we made pigs fly, but we have flown a mini horse and a dolphin (on separate occasions). We can pretty much do it all!