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Jumpseat Application


1. Thank you for your interest in Sierra West Airline’s Jumpseat program. Please read this disclaimer in its entirety and ‘digitally sign’ your approval before continuing on to the request page.

2. Other Airline Crewmembers requesting Jumpseat must have a company ID badge, current medical certificate and appropriate airman certificate. They must also have a second photo ID that is government issued, such as Driver’s License, Passport, etc. These documents must be available for examination by the Pilot-In-Command. Additionally, Passports, Birth Certificates, records of vaccinations, and Visas are just a few examples of items that may be required, depending on areas of intended travel. Contact the appropriate information sources where you will be traveling and ensure you have all the mandatory documentation with you.

3. Neat, casual attire is required. T-shirts, tennis shoes, and jeans, are not allowed. Uniform or Business casual is acceptable.

4. The request form on the page that follows must be filled out completely to avoid any delay in processing your request. Any falsified information or misrepresentation will be grounds for immediate and future refusal of Jumpseat privileges, and may be subject to submission to the proper authorities. Requests will only be reviewed Monday through Friday 1200-2000Z. After approval, complete details of your travel arrangements will be emailed to you at the address provided by yourself at the time of the request.

5. Sierra West Airlines makes no guarantees, implied or otherwise, as to immediate or eventual Jumpseat availability. Further, operational necessity or a higher priority individual requesting the Jumpseat can and may ultimately cause loss of Jumpseat availability. This loss can occur at any time, from approval up until departure.

6. All FAA & Sierra West Airlines policies and procedures will be followed without fail, and no variance will be accepted.

7. The pilot-in-command (PIC) has the ultimate authority and decision-making power as to whether or not a rider will be allowed on a flight, regardless of any prior approval or indication.

8. If at any time after approval your travel plans change, and you will not be utilizing the Jumpseat privilege, send a courtesy email to the address your flight details came from and inform us as soon as possible.

9. Remember, this form does not guarantee you a seat on Sierra West Airlines aircraft. Unless you receive a confirmation, you will not gain Flight Deck Access.

By clicking ‘I Agree’ below you are digitally signing and are stating that you have read the above terms and conditions, agree to them, and will abide by them accordingly.