Hurricane Harvey Relief

It had been a record-long stretch of 4,323 days since a Category 3 or stronger hurricane hit United States land. More so, a hurricane of this magnitude had not hit the Texas Coastal Bend region since 1961. That was until Hurricane Harvey hit the shore of Texas and Louisiana. While the hurricane has now deescalated into a tropical storm, the remnant effects are terrible nonetheless. With massive, region-wide flooding and continued rain projected for the remaining week, Texas is in a full crisis.

While natural disasters are heart-breaking, it allows the country to put aside differences and come together as a nation. Sierra West Airlines was devastated to hear of the consequential effects of Hurricane Harvey and the exuberant damage left in the wake of the storm. While we commonly partner with and perform trips for Wings of Rescue, we knew now was a paramount time to recuse animals left in the aftermath – it truly is a life or death situation. With passionate pilots dedicated to giving back to the community, we were able to have planes on standby in the El Paso, Texas region full of crates and supplies ready to be deployed to areas stricken by the storm.

See video footage below of the featured N63NE Sierra West Airlines Metroliner, filled to the brim with rescued dogs and cats. If you would like to participate in helping Wings of Rescue raise money to continue providing their life-saving rescue services, you can visit their site directly at:

Posted by Wings of Rescue on Monday, August 28, 2017